a hobo's song

When Star Wars: The Old Republic was released as a MMORPG in 2011, I had huge hopes for the game. It promised many things, including a pretty immersive experience within the Star Wars universe. I got it for Christmas that year and started playing as a Jedi Knight character.  I was in love the day I finally got my light sabers (he could wield two of them). Hearing that sound gave me an incredible thrill.

But something was missing. While there were quests you needed to do with others, on the whole, it was really a solitaire game with extra stuff.  And since Kim wasn’t playing it, I became more bummed as I didn’t want to just team up with random strangers to solve puzzles. I mean, I did, but it reached a point around 18th level that I felt like I was just not going to get much further. I’m not much intp PvP, so that entire aspect of the game was something I’d skip, which meant I couldn’t get good gear that only drops in arena battles.

Which is a shame. The voice-acting part of the game was great, and the way group dynamics worked, it was a lot of fun, but what really should have happened was that this game should have been released as Knights of the Old Republic 3, and kept as a single-player game.

I still get a hankering at times to re-activate my account, but again, with Kim not playing, it’s just not as much fun for me. This is a big reason why I enjoy Gemstone so much — most of the time we login together and venture forth as a pair.

I don’t know what the numbers are now for how many people are still playing SWTOR, but I hear there’s a big expansion coming this year, so obviously someone still plays. They went to a free-to-play model, but you still need to buy the game for that.

The whole MMORPG market appears to be suffering a bit, with WoW numbers down dramatically by all reports.

I’ll stick with the ancient text-based game that I first met Kim in. It still delivers today as it did then. And hey, monks were finally released for play a mere eight years late!