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We use a lot of Cisco products at work — their VoIP phones and switches and routers which carry a huge load for us and work like a charm. Their software pieces are sometimes less-than-stellar — CUPC, for example — but I enjoy the IP Communicator, since it basically allows me to use my laptop as my office phone, no matter where I might be in the world. I never understood their venture into consumer electronics when they picked up the Flip video phone and promptly ended its existence shortly thereafter — it was like back when Netware bought WordPerfect — why? When your core business and strengths are completely unrelated, stick with what you know.

Granted, Apple has proven the opposite of that, what with their venturing into becoming a phone company. But they’re the exception that proves the rule.

The gist of this article seems to be that Cisco is divesting itself of the consumer side of its products; I’m guessing their other business models are remaining more or less intact.

Cisco Leaves The Consumer Networking Market After Selling Linksys Brand To Belkin | TechCrunch.

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