a hobo's song

I get a weekly email from DriveThruRPG with new release announcements about gaming products and have received it for years. I’m not sure why I never stopped it, but it does occasionally give me ideas about starting a game again, if time permits.

What bothers me about some of the blurbs that are attached to products is the huge amount of typos that seems to slip through, not to mention words broken by spaces, and simply bad grammar. It seems to me that if you’re pushing your Next Big Thing concept, you’d want to make sure the potential buyer is not turned off by this sort of thing.

Me, I see this, and my mind says, “Next!” and I immediately forget what I just read.

When we were contemplating our own game company a decade-plus back (Opinionated GameWorks was to be its name), one of my big concerns was that anything we published would need an editor who was not emotionally attached to the subject matter to go over every single word and paragraph with a fine-toothed comb. Whether we found an outside source for this, or had someone in-house whose job that would be, we never got far enough along with the company to really deal with the issue.

So to all wannabe-Monte Cooks out there, edit your work. Pass it around to people who are not even gamers if need be, as you want your big blurb to catch my eye. If I’m rolling my eyes, you’ve failed.

This advice is good for all kinds of writing, actually, not just gaming.