a hobo's song

One of the things we like to do is pick a random direction in the car and just…go. Yesterday, even though it was bitter cold, the sun was shining brightly so we decided to head up Route 23 until we couldn’t go any further, then turned left on Route 6 in Port Jervis, NY.

We then found ourselves rising along the upper Delaware River, and saw some of the most beautiful scenery we’ve seen in a while. The pictures I snapped don’t do it justice, but you can get a sense of how pretty it was.

And cold. Look at the ice on the banks of the river here.

Delaware River 5

You can see all the photos here. Also, there’s a couple railroad shots there. I didn’t realize just how close we were to the Erie turntable — next time!

3 Responses to How We Spent Sunday

  • Margie says:

    Being from Scranton, PA, we went to Port Jervis often. My Dad always took us to the Doll House Restaurant, which was located right next to the bridge over the Delaware. I don’t know if it’s still there, though. It was jam packed with a woman’s doll collection… hundreds of dolls. I think it’s where I developed my lifelong fear of dolls!

    Glad you guys had a good day!

  • The Tree says:

    Margie — Hah!

    Tim — the Delaware is a really pretty river, too. Small compared to many (the Hudson is just boggling to me, and I go UNDER it every day), but man, it’s gorgeous.