a hobo's song

…is the worlds opened up to me once I set down the book.

I’ve been a reader pretty much my entire life.  While I tend toward familiar topics — fantasy, science fiction, and military history to name the most common subjects — periodically I get a sudden desire to read outside my normal bubble.

Currently, I’m nearing the end of The Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett. Given my propensity for sweeping epics and historical themes, I guess it’s no surprise how much I’m enjoying it. As expected, this has kindled an interest in me regarding medieval architecture and the strides made by the cathedral builders in creating those magnificent buildings. This interest then sends me off to wikipedia, wherein I can easily find myself with twenty tabs open in my browser, all related to something or another of interest related to the topic at hand. I’ve talked before about my wikipedia addiction, and having new subject matter to delve into always excites me.

Naturally, you can’t talk about medieval architecture without suddenly finding yourself in articles about monastic life, papal politics, and Thomas Beckett, which then leads to background history about all the historical personages who appear in the aforementioned novel. Well, naturally to me.

Back to cathedrals, though: I’ve always admired them, and enjoy walking into St. Patrick’s in New York, but man, when I see pictures of Winchester Cathedral, or Canterbury, it’s truly awe-inspiring. I may disagree a lot with the Catholic Church, but they certainly did build on a grand scale back in the day.