a hobo's song

My oldest sister converted almost seven hundred old photos to digital format a few years back and it’s always an adventure sifting through them. I’ve seen them all a few dozen times at this point, but there’s always something that sticks out when I go through them.

This one, for example.

Mom, posing with an accident

I think my folks were on their honeymoon when Dad snapped this photo, which would make this July of 1952. Based on photographic evidence, they honeymooned at a place called Stricklands in the Poconos (they were from Pittsburgh), which isn’t around these days but was purchased in the 80′s by Mount Airy Lodge before that resort went under in 2001. But that’s not the important bit, it’s just a historical note, mostly for me.

The photo, though, that’s what’s really bizarre. I can only assume my folks were out driving and came upon this accident, whereupon Dad had Mom pose in front of it. Why? Who knows, but it’s really just…weird to me. I can actually hear my Dad saying, “Lois, go stand there and pose for me.” What she might have thought, I don’t know, but she did comply, as the photo attests.

My folks could be really odd at times.