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I had my work laptop re-imaged late last week due to a virus that I picked up (as did several of our local IT techs), and now I get to spend the morning re-configuring it and downloading all of those apps I had installed for various and sundry reasons.

It’s astonishing to me the amount of apps I use over the course of a week. There’s SnagIt, for screen captures, Tweetdeck, AIM, and Lync for communication (not to mention Chrome), Captivate for eLearning video creation, and a host of custom apps we’ve written in-house, or are law firm specific.

One of those apps is eCopy PDF Pro, by Nuance. We dumped Acrobat last year with the new desktop when Adobe tried to shake us down for a ton of money per user. We found an app that does everything Acrobat does, for about a tenth of the price, and which allows enterprise licensing for the full app. We still give Adobe Reader as the default reader, but if you want to manipulate a PDF you need to install eCopy. I love the program and it’s much more logical to use than Acrobat. I’ve had a hate-hate relationship with Acrobat Standard/Pro for well on twenty years and I was really glad when we finally dumped it.

Another interesting app we use is ChangePro, which allows us to run document comparisons, either as two documents against one another, or two versions of the same document. Very handy when you send a document out to a client and they return it with changes and you need to see exactly what changed.  ChangePro gives you that. It’s a new app for us (we previously used Workshare Compare), and what’s extra cool is that it allows us to compare not only Word to Word, Word to PDF, PDF to Word, and PDF to PDF, but also Excel files and PowerPoint files against their own type, which we couldn’t do before in Compare.

Back to it.

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