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Google just revealed plans to shut down eight of its services as part of what it’s calling an ongoing spring cleaning effort. Some of them are pretty arcane, but among TechCrunch writers, anyway, we’re pretty bummed to see that Google Reader will be shut down on July 1.

Seriously? It’s the best RSS Aggregator out there. How the hell am I supposed to follow blogs now? Disappointing, especially when coupled with the shutdown of iGoogle later this year.

via Google To Close The Book On Google Reader On July 1; Seven Other Products Also Get The Chop | TechCrunch.

5 Responses to Google Reader Being Shut Down on July 1

  • Steve says:

    I do have a google reader account which I have not looked at in over a year.

    Even though its current owners have not updated the program I have found Netnewswire to be much superior to google reader in most aspects though I did like the ease of placing feeds into multiple folders in gr without duplicating the downloads.

    Of course, this program may not help Windows users….

  • The Tree says:

    I use Google Reader a lot, myself. Helps me keep up on certain sites I wouldn’t remember to, otherwise. I hear good things about Feedly.

    Being a Win user, netnewswire isn’t that helpful.. ;)

  • pumpkiny says:

    I am a RSS/GReader addict, and getting rid of it will totally change how I consume info. Hoping that one of the alts (feedly/the old reader/newsblur) will work…

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