a hobo's song

We headed over to Mexicali last night — all of a three or so minute drive from home — to check out Cabinet and Hot Buttered Rum. We met up with our friend Jay ahead of time at Andy’s Corner Bar in Bogota for a quick drink (and a growler of Kane Head High IPA …which I just remembered is still in the trunk this morning — pardon me while I go get it out).


(scurrying outside to get it)


Alright then. Where was I? Oh, yes, the music. We strolled into Mexicali around 8:30, having missed some of Cabinet’s first tunes. We came in on Caroline, and they were on fire. The last time we saw Cabinet was when they opened for Railroad Earth at Penn’s Peak on 12.30.07, the night of the snowstorm atop the mountain. They were really good then, and have lifted their game immensely in the intervening years. I wish I knew their music more, but I will say I want to see them again — a lot.

I love small shows like this. A lot of friends were there, smiling and grooving to the music. The club had dinner tables out for the back half of the floor, but there was ample room to dance, unlike at the Best Buy on Saturday for Railroad. Folks were friendly and the beer was flowing. Gotta love a bar with Arrogant Bastard on tap.

Cabinet ended way too soon, and after a quick equipment change, Butter came on and opened with Busted in Utah. That set the tone for a really energetic night of dancing which continued on through a total of eighteen songs. About halfway through their set,  the drummer strapped on a washboard and came up front with the rest of the band for what was, for me, the highlight — an acoustic version of the Sex Pistol’s famous Anarchy in the UK. Holy crap, that was fun!

Butter left the stage around 11:00 and came back for a couple quick encores, including the Dead’s Bertha, which had the place hopping. They finished up with a song at the lip of the stage away from the mics, and really, they killed it. Like with Cabinet, I wish I knew Butter’s catalog more than I do.

It was a great night of music with a lot of good friends. This tour continues on Saturday in Blairstown at the Historic Blairstown Theater before heading north to Vermont. Catch it if you can — you won’t regret it.