a hobo's song

I’m an old school SimCity player, going all the way back to the original game. I’ve dabbled with later versions over the years, but none of them ever really captured my imagination like the original until I started seeing footage of the newest release. It looks killer and I really want to play it.

There’s a huge but here, though: you must have a persistent online connection — the game stores your progress and cities on their servers, not on your hard drive. It’s a form of DRM that’s truly annoying, forcing you to play on the same server every single time, else you have to go through the entire tutorial process and lose your progress. With connection issues on release day, and a host of issues associated with that (wait times up to half an hour just to play a game? Screw that!), why would I want to pay to play this? Until Maxis relents and offers a version to play it in standalone mode, I won’t buy it.

Which is a shame, because it really does look amazing.

Maxis GM: Our Vision Is More Important Than Our Customers & Lots Of People Love Our Crappy DRM | Techdirt.