a hobo's song

Unless you’re a fantasy reader who’s lived under a rock for the past few years, odds are you’ve at least heard the name of Joe Abercrombie. A fresh new voice on the scene — although with six books now published, how new is he? — I’ve settled in with his latest, Red Country on audio book.

Oh, man, I forgot what a truly great writer he is. There’s barely been action yet, which is his hallmark, but the characterization is wonderfully written as you might expect. Known for his splatter porn take on the genre — blood flows freely and quite vividly — the first part of the book is just set-up. It’s his take on the western genre, albeit in a fantasy setting. There are a few characters (as always) who’ve been in other books, notably the famous mercenary Cosca, and our old friend, Shivers.

Not to mention the delightful character of a cowardly old Northern man named Lamb, who wears a glove on one hand.

“Say one thing…”