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With the one year anniversary of the purchase of The House on a Hill coming on the 18th (and the move on the 29th), it’s been rather remarkable that I’ve made it this far without doing some sort of damage to myself. I’m new to this home-owning thing, right? I should be hurting myself all the time.

Point is, I haven’t. Kim did a number on one of her pinky-fingers back in the Autumn when she was wearing a gardening glove and it got smashed between panels of the closing garage door. It took months before that was completely healed. Aside from minor toe-stubbing, though, I escaped damaging myself.

Until this past Saturday.

After picking up some comics at the Free Comic Book Day at A&S Comics in Teaneck (walking distance for me), we watched the Rangers lose in overtime to the much-better Capitals, and then went outside to work on the garden. Kim wanted to start using the third box we built last month, so we partly sowed it with seed and began building our Varmint Protection Barrier (TM) out of pine stakes and a mix of metal and plastic fencing. Things were going well enough as I was pounding the stakes into the ground with a hammer when the local nature spirits decided it was time I paid the price of home owning.

I don’t quite know how it happened — well, I do, obviously —  but suddenly I was feeling an awful lot of pain as the hammer smashed into my left hand. It thankfully missed the main knuckle, but it hurt like hell. My fingers were fine, my knuckle was fine, but I really hurt the hand itself — probably some of the bones and tendons, etc, in that area. It swelled up and it hasn’t gone down much since. The knuckle, itself, looks much worse, but there’s absolutely no pain or swelling around its immediate area; that’s all above it on the hand proper.

You can sort of seeing the knuckle discoloration here, but I don’t think the swelling is that evident — it’s in the red circle. It does hurt a bit, though, even with ibuprofen.



I’ve used hammers a lot in my life — I’m not afraid of them, so having something like this happen to me is just silly. If it had been a power tool or something, I could see that possibly being problematic, but a hammer?


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