a hobo's song

Bright blessings of the Summer season to you all! The Wheel of the Year turns another spoke, and the Sun reaches its zenith.  Greet the light of the Sun today, knowing that from this day on, it is dying.  The Holly King is born, and the Oak King dies, only to be reborn in Winter’s Dark.

Blessed be!

Summer is icumen in 
Loudly sing Cuckoo 
Grows the seed and blows the mead 
And springs the wood anew. 
Sing Cuckoo! 
Ewe bleats harshly after lamb 
Cows after calves make moo 
Bullock stamps and deer champs 
Now shrilly sing Cuckoo… 
… Cuckoo… Cuckoo. 
Wild bird are you! Be never still Cuckoo!