a hobo's song

We put our Gemstone IV accounts on hold at the end of last month, since we weren’t playing. Today, a really big event  starts in-game, and I find myself feeling not one twinge of envy for the folks going.

We may return at some point — we’re definitely going to be re-activating the accounts quarterly to keep certain benefits our main characters have accrued — but at this point, I feel no burning need to be playing.

It helps that our office at home gets hot during the day, even with the A/C, so spending a hot weekend online isn’t exactly something I would enjoy.  Also, I recently started the Mass Effect trilogy, which Kim’s brother got us for Christmas. I also have a copy of Numenera coming next month, which is exciting as I really want to run a game – perhaps monthly – sometime in the not-so-distant future. Details will emerge as I learn the game.