a hobo's song

Last Friday saw the end of an era as I found my way back from the wilderness that is the Blackberry. I’ve documented here on the blog my downward turn with the company and their devices, and I’ve been chomping at the bit to get a modern phone that actually, you know, did things besides turning into a brick several times a day.

We went to the Verizon store on Route 4 in Paramus and after an hour or so spent looking at various phones (iPhones, Samsungs and more), I settled on this beauty:


That’s a HTC One, and man, it’s love at first sight. I think Kim’s been highly amused as I discover functions that have been common on phones for years but which I never had access to due to my Blackberry. It does everything, and the O/S is smooth as hell, nothing freezes (yet), and the camera is pretty freaking awesome at eight megapixels.  I even got an amazing deal on a Mophie battery pack case which cost me all of twenty-five dollars (normally about one hundred bucks).

I’m finally posting photos on Instagram, too – if you’re there, friend me (currently I’m “scottbnj” but that may change…too close to “bj”).

Ahh, modern phones. Who knew?

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