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…that people – even those who should know better – come to a complete stop at either the top or bottom of an escalator, especially in busy locations? Are you just that clueless? Do you not realize that there’s a hundred others behind you who can’t stop the impending collisions?

I saw this happen at the Port Authority this morning. The Port happens to be the single busiest bus terminal in the world. Hundreds of thousands of people go through it every day, and yet, someone is always screwing it up. Today, someone pretty much walked two feet after the end of the trip down and stopped to adjust their hat and ended up causing about a half-dozen people to collide with one another while they scrambled to not hit her.

And she was clueless about what she did.

I was halfway down when it unfolded in front of me. Fortunately no one was hurt, but the woman who caused it just glared at people who bitched at her — and still didn’t move. For all I know, she’s still there now, continuing to fuck up everyone’s day. She hadn’t moved when I finally passed her and shot her a look.

So here’s the thing, people: Don’t get so wrapped up in your own little bubble that when it comes to things like this, you end up looking like a dumb-ass. Don’t get off the right side of the escalator and immediately cut left across the person next to you – they may not be able to stop. Don’t walk directly in front of any escalators that have people on them heading in your direction.

This is true for anywhere in the world that an escalator may exist.

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